The sites primary function is to introduce the work of K J Sheerin, the poet, author, and scriptwriter. But first a little about him...

Ken Sheerin

Ken grew up on the outskirts of Geelong (Australia) in the post-WW2 era and didn’t start writing until late in life, despite nurturing the idea since childhood. His writing now encompasses those times and close family ties.

He spent his early years travelling the countryside, including a brief stint in the RAN and then worked in places as diverse as the woolsheds: meat works, car factories, fishing boats, and mines of WA. He finally settled down to work as a gardener, from which he has now retired.

His initial introduction to writing was by way of correspondence, but he soon realised it lacked the personal interaction of tutor access and peer group pressure of fellow writers. So, he attended a series of college-accredited adult education courses over the next few years and joined a local writing group, his writing back then mainly in the form of short stories.

Since those early days, he has graduated to the longer novel-length stories in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres, both YA and Adult. Most of his early work was self-published. And now he is re-editing those and more to be e-published for a wider audience.

Other shorter works encompassing his early years and family life are yet to be completed, a nostalgic look at growing up in the fifties and sixties in Australia. He has also found the funnier stories adapt well to the theatre and has had success with one or two very short plays.

Ken also enjoys writing Tanka occasionally; it is the ultimate short story/song. He also dabbles in the more traditional verse, ballads, and prose poetry as in the pages of Against all Odds.

Writing helps him make sense of things. And he enjoys the conundrums along the way.

New Books out...

The books mentioned are all available from the BookPod bookstore in Melbourne.

If I haven't mentioned it before, and you live in Geelong, then feast your eyes and imaginations on these new offerings...

1/ RHUBARB, YA... A story based on a local scout myth that lends itself to a plethora of future episodes. Join young Peter and his friends as they travel back through time. If you liked the older Dr Who episodes you will love this one.

2/ TRICK or TREAT, YA (Fantasy)... A High Concept Fantasy. (The Mad Hatter's tea party meets The Wizard of Oz)

As the name suggest it's a book about Halloween, a witch, and the bollards of Geelong. A book for all ages. Enjoy the machinations of the local authors fine mind. 

3/ THE PERFECT DAY and other SHORT STORIES ... Just as the name suggests. It is a collection of short stories of mine from way back, that was printed and badly in need of a good edit. Now with Grammarly I was able to REVISE THE EDITION and offer it to the reading public once more.

4/ THE CAPTAIN'S COTTAGEAdult Rom/Drama... Jonathan takes early retirement from the navy to spend time with his soul mate, only to lose her through illness, instead. He lives the life of a hermit afterwards until pursued by a predatory suitor. It ends in a disaster of course and he goes on to find love in the most unlikely of places.


5/ THE LIE, Adult Drama/Rom... A cross between Cosi and One Flew Over the Cuckoos NestJoin Frank on his birthday as he loses his job, wife, children, and friends, and is then screwed over by the laws of the land. After that, there is nowhere to go but down. Only one person recognizes the injustice. Zoe has been there before and helps Frank recover and take his revenge.

6/ PENNY POKER, Adult Rom/Drama... Jack Martin is an Indie author who is stuck on the merry-go-round that the literary world feeds on, so his endeavours are dead in the water. All that changes when he meets two successful novelists and their director friend and is invited to join them for a game of poker of a Friday night. I wish...

I had a lot of fun writing these, the last five written as feature scripts but the market here being as small as it is I decided to test the market in book form; a process I might continue with several others. I hope you enjoy them. Ken

There are a number of similar scripts ranging from Features, to one hour, serials to shorts and s/shorts. Contact me if interested.


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