The sites primary function is to introduce the work of K J Sheerin, the poet, author, and publisher. But first a little about him...

Ken Sheerin

Ken grew up in on the outskirts of Geelong, (Australia) in the post WW2 era and didn’t start writing until late in life, despite nurturing the idea since childhood. His writing now encompasses those times and close family ties.

He spent his early years travelling the countryside and included a brief stint in the RAN, then worked in places as diverse as the woolsheds: meatworks, car factories, fishing boats, and mines of WA. He finally settled down to work as a gardener, from which he has now retired.

His initial introduction into writing was by way of correspondence, but he soon realised that it lacked the personal interaction of tutor access and peer group pressure of fellow writers. So, he attended a series of college accredited adult education courses over the next few years and joined a local writing group along the way, his writing back then mainly in the form of short stories.

Since those early days he has graduated to the longer novel length stories in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genre, both YA and Adult. Most of his early works and collections were self published under the banner of ArmchairPublishing, his own creation, and now he is re-editing those and more to be e-published for a wider audience.

Ken Sheerin Publications

Myvanwy and the House of Dragon (YA Fantasy) was the first to be re-launched in this way, followed by Sideshow Alley. (YA Sci-fi ) Each of which has another story in the process.

Tula  (Adult Sci-fi ) will follow shortly. It is book one of the Rim Trader series and will be followed by Rhuma. (Book two in the series.)

As well as the novels above there are other shorter works that encompass his early years and family life, yet to be completed; a nostalgic look at growing up in the fifties and sixties in Australia. He has also found that the funnier stories adapt well to the theatre, and has had success with a number of very short plays. Now he is looking to adapt others for the screen.

Ken is also a student of Tanka writing and enjoys it immensely. It is the ultimate short story / song. He also dabbles in the more traditional verse, ballads, and prose poetry, some of which can be found in the pages of Against all Odds.

Writing helps him make sense of things and he enjoys the conundrums along the way.

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