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Christmas is nearly upon us, and theatre3triple2's short play festival has come and gone. Unfortunately, my plays never got a gong on the night; however, all those concerned in their production can only learn from the experience, including myself. I've already got a few ideas for my entries in next years festival.

The other big news is that as an Indie writer I've had to rely on editors until now which were very expensive and not all of them good.

But now I've discovered Grammarly and will be revisiting most of my older endeavours in the new year because it's no use publishing more until they are dealt with. They are truly worth the effort and form the backbone of my stock in trade.  Although using an AI program is much like using a satellite navigational aid while driving a car. As long as you use common sense with the suggestions it works fine and is hassle-free, etc... A much better alternative!

Also, I came upon the advice that asking anything more than a dollar for an ebook was pie in the sky stuff and the reality was it was better to do that and rely on a lot of sales as opposed to not many or none at all.

I've finally fired up again and am working on the third last chapter in book two in the Sideshow Alley series. It's one of those chapters where everything comes together so is easy enough, as long as it's finessed afterwards. The last two chapters shouldn't be as daunting as I bring the story to its logical conclusion. Well, for me anyway. After that, I'll do the same for the second House of Dragon series.

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