The novels I write are mostly in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, like the ones below. SIDESHOW ALLEY (Scifi) was written with the YA market in mind but would appeal to anyone who likes adventure and fast-flowing action. The same applies to MYVANWY and the HOUSE of DRAGONS. (Fantasy) Enjoy.


Colin and Tiddles are two unemployed youths from the suburbs. They are shanghaied along with others while at the local show and beamed aboard the Galactic Legion Carrier Redemption, tethered in the heavens above. The new recruits are fed, quartered and manipulated every step of the way. All whims are catered for including their curiosity, which builds daily. Go aboard the Redemption to find out how it was done and then follow them as they are introduced to shipboard life and trained up to fulfil their roles within the Legion.        (YA/Sci-fi/Adventure)

All good Sci-fi begins with extreme video game addicts like Colin and Tiddles. Join them as they venture into unknown corners of the galaxy to defend it from those hell-bent on total galactic domination. It is a mix of intergalactic melodrama and gameplay, so strap on your proton blaster and check your flight path—Sideshow Alley is about to take you on a rocket ride. - C. Callaway

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MYVANWY and the HOUSE of DRAGON, by KJ Sheerin

All of us have seen a rainbow, but there would only be a few who have seen where it ends. What is it that lies far out to sea where the seven colours hang suspended in the sky? Is it magic, or a pot of gold? Maybe even dragons …       (YA Crossover Fantasy/Adventure)

Through no fault of their own, Josh and Clare are set adrift and borne by the prevailing winds to a small island in Bass Strait, the home of two dragons. Despite helping them in their hour of need the teenagers are held captive and grow together in a virtual paradise until they prove themselves once more, and are inducted into ‘The House of Dragon’. When Clare and Josh finally return home again, their parents are too blind to see their children have changed forever…

The story is set in the current era, using Geelong and its surrounds as a backdrop, along with the islands of Bass Strait.

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Against all Odds, by KJ Sheerin

Some of the pieces within reflect family or attachments, others Ken’s unique take on things, observations, or just pure flights of fantasy. Some too may be as simple as memories of walking his beloved dog ‘Molly’.        (Verse, Prose Poetry, and Ballads)

See the page marked Verse for examples of his work.

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KOI, a book of tanka

Tanka is a genre of classical Japanese poetry, with a history going back thirteen centuries. So naturally, when it was introduced into the Geelong region in 2011, Ken joined other interested poets to become what was known as the Breathstream tanka group. A tanka, or Waka as it was known, is a complete story in five lines, so it's easy to see why the genre has endured for so long.

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RHUMA book two of the Rim Trader Series

A follow on book from TULA, book one in the Rim Trader series.

Rhuma is a native of Tyrus, a planet on the rim of the galaxy. She was caught up in the fighting there when pirates took over the Spaceport and nearby city and lost the lower part of her left forearm in the mayhem that followed. Terry McKeag offered her passage to Earth, via the Red Star System, in order to get another one. However, the journey between Tyrus and Earth is fraught with danger and takes months to traverse. A lot can happen in that time. When Rhuma finally returns she is not the same person, and village life is the last thing on her mind.       (Adult Sci-fi/Adventure)

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This anthology was a chance to bring together a selection of Ken's writing for a wider audience. And as you will see, Ken has a good eye for a story and then injects heart and soul into it. He learnt early in his career that you can stumble around all day-tripping over similar stories, and the art of the writer is to recognise them. He also chose a caricature drawn by his late mother, to front the anthology; one last personal touch.

The very short stories within were penned while a member of Southscape Writers, a group of friends that came together once a week to enhance their passion for writing, and the ballads, while not structured in the accepted metre, reflect the author's lackadaisical Australian style. Tanka is the ultimate short story/song and can be presented in many ways; Ken has touched on a few here, and the four plays within have all been performed as part of 3222 theatre company's 12 x 12 initiative at the Potato Shed each year.

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Zelda's Curse

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Four character-building children's stories for 7 - 12-year-olds. The cover and illustrations within are by Bronte Stead.

The stories are as follows...

Zelda's Curse... Nigel feels uneasy each time he mows Zelda's front lawn; especially when a new gnome or frog is added to her collection under her front window. It usually follows some strange occurrence, and he suspects witchcraft is involved.

Johnny Four-eyes... Nobody likes being picked on and bullied at school, and yet Johnny lived with it every day. The situation comes to a head one day when he goes home with a bloodied nose. Join him as he tries to outwit his foe.

The Christmas Stockings... All of us would like lots of presents at Christmas time, but not everybody can afford them. Kim and Sally's mother was one, but fortunately, Aunt Emily's Christmas stockings add to the day.

Metamorphis... When Aaron's mate, Gary, fails to show up at an after-dark rendezvous, he finds a frog in his place. His imagination runs riot and all attempts to locate his friend in the days after, are to no avail.

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