An example of some of the verse, ballads, and prose poetry that can be found in AGAINST ALL ODDS. I've also included some tanka on the page.

Press the link to view some of Ken's verse in a video clip by Linda Bagu Batson.


In the verse below Ken as encapsulated a life that has brought him to this point in time.

Against all Odds


who would have thought

at the end of the day 

when all of my deeds

dastardly done


that one could sit back

and see words might be reaped

to try and make sense

where otherwise none could be found


all of the fruits and labours of love

the trials and tribulations as well

a veritable river of tears and sweat

wizened and withered at day's end


now just a silent witness

needs and wants are but few

content to put pen to paper

to record a balanced view


Love Is

she is a ballerina, nimbly pirouetting across the floor

the tinkle of her bells pure music to my ears

she is an athlete so lithe as she leaps into the air

landing softly on her feet, crouched ready to spring

she has sparkling green eyes and ears that hear all

and loves to play with bottle-tops on the floor

she runs to greet me the moment I get home

inquisitive of any groceries I've bought

she vocally announces that she wants a feed

then sits on my lap and purrs contentedly

she sleeps curled up at the end of my bed

she is my sweetheart, the queen who rules me


    The Dream (below) is from an excerpt taken from SIDESHOW ALLEY that deserved a life of its own.

The Dream

Last week I read a book of fiction

One to which we could all aspire

That told of life on a far off planet

Where there lived a well ordered life


The couples there had only one child

Of which later its DNA was saved

In case something ever happened

Their lineage could still be carried on


The first ten years of schooling were done at home

Much like the school of the air we have here

And it was only later as a teenager

They attended a live-in school, a semester each year


All green produce was grown at home

Supplemented by packaged grains

Home delivered, it minimized traffic

Along with pollution and chaos it seems


Their regime was devoid of all falsehoods

The ones Earth seems to revolve around

With no religions, only a Zen like practice

That strengthened the individual's resolve


No monarchies, dictators or presidents

To reign, rule or serve and subjugate

Jails and mental wards all but empty

Brutality and hypocrisy taken out


The law courts were run on the truth system

Not shaped to suit society as on Earth

That fact alone would empty our jails

And put shady legal teams out of work


The wars were limited to just the one

The Galaxy united against a common foe

It seems a race of colonising reptiles

Were cutting a swathe through the stars


The heroine was a green goddess from Zylon

With blue eyes and black Cleopatra hair

Her perfume tantalising like some exotic orchid

That negated thinking and kept one spellbound


Oh for some one like her to mother my child

And to live in a world such as hers

Instead I'm stuck here on this planet dreaming

While waiting for Earth to evolve


Tanka Sequence


I am challenged

while writing tanka

of a Tuesday

--the garbage truck

steals my thoughts


my mind

is grabbed, upended

and emptied

--then follows the

thief down the street


in the quietness

following the distraction


and a tanka floats

to the surface of my mind

Tanka Duet


in my delirium

I aspire to capture

each thought

vision, muse, and reflection's a fantasy of mine


the god within me

unleashed to create

a universe...

where I can wreak havoc

or love with the stroke of a pen

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