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I had a lot of fun towards last year with a small play in both Crash Test Drama (Geelong) and another in the Theatre 3222 - 12 x 12 mix. Thank goodness I had good actors in both, but as a novice Director they were a huge learning curve. I never made the cut this year, which gives me more time to polish and shine the ones that I have. I'm also doing a short playwriting course with Christine Davies, that can only add to my outlook on the subject.

Each month I meet up with four other like minded people. We participated in the GAD event again this year and put on a series of readings at the Geelong Library.

Our group is called Write-Acts and can be found at ...

The Geelong Library and Overdrive have accepted an ebook of mine and it should be available until June/July 2017. It is called FRISBEE, a collection of Short short Stories and Ballads, and can be found at:

Open Channel and the AWG provided a few venues for competition and although missing the cut I have a few entries for the next lot.

In fact there's always a multitude of projects on the back burner at any one time, so I shouldn't get bored.                                                        

I guess all writers are the same in many respects; and that is that they are all trying to promote and sell their stories and scripts.

KOI, the book of tanka, has now been epublished and available on: Amazon, Kobo, itunes, and Overdrive. Or else a hard copy can be obtained from BookPod in Melbourne.  Check it out in Publications. 

As you can see from above, there are so many ways a writer can go and the world so crazy, it provides more stories each day. 

What a wonderful game to be in.

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