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Writing is truly a solitary sport. Write-Acts, one of the groups I belonged to folded recently; it had run its course and now its members have been freed up to go their own artistic way.  

An opportunity arose to attend another group, (tanka) so I jumped at the chance; however, sometimes fragile artistic egos tend to clash. That's the downside of working with others; although, the many facets of tanka writing were too hard to resist.

Last year I compiled an anthology of some of my works. It is called IN THE SHADOW OF GIANTS, a collection of very short stories, ballads, prose poetry, tanka, and plays. The short s/stories were written while a member of Southscape Writers and the plays are some of mine that have been performed at The Potato Shed in Drysdale. (near Geelong)  It is available from BookPod in Melbourne or the e-version from Amazon and apple-iTunes.

I've also had some  children's stories illustrated by Bronte Stead, a very talented Geelong artist, for a picture book called, ZELDA'S CURSE, also printed and available through BookPod in Melbourne. An interesting facet is that I used some of my tanka as fillers, and did the same for IN THE SHADOW OF GIANTS

A lot of my stories' start in Geelong, whether it be a location,  local myth, legend, or several of those things as in Sideshow Alley, Myvanwy and the House of Dragon, and The Stranglers Arms. There are others to be finished as well about growing up in the district and a tribute to my parents in their latter years. Those stories should have been finished by now but I got side-tracked while trying to learn the art of scriptwriting; a logical extension of playwriting. A hard task when there isn't any help locally.

The answer was simple; purchase up-to-date books on the subject and research the web.

Being a writer there is no shortage of material for scripts and they can be as short or long as you want. In fact the art would be in cutting some to fit the feature length required. I have a few in progress and some in competition stateside. (BlueCat) Most are adaptions of previous stories, which means I get to revisit the best of my works at the end of the day.

There's also a couple of (local) series I'm working on, so I'm waiting for this year's AWG and other competitions to start up, meanwhile  I'm starting to rack-up a few scripts in my catalogue and honing them as I progress.

As you can see from above, there are so many ways a writer can go and the world so crazy, it provides more stories each day. 

What a wonderful game to be in.

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